Prysmian FP Products Repeatedly Specified


Fire resistant cables form part of the emergency and essential building service systems required to operate in the event of fire and Prysmian continues to lead the way with the FP range of products.

Microsoft’s new Dublin home – One Microsoft Place – a 34,000 square metre campus costing €134 million used the top-of-the-range FP Cables. In excess of 15km of FP Plus was used in this project so the occupants of the building will be best protected in the event of a fire as the cable meets or exceeds the requirements of IS3218 Irish Standard for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems in premises. The cable’s major features of low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant performance reduces the risk to occupants during fire.

Microsoft Dublin

For some time now, Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has specified FP Plus on all developments at Dublin Airport, using extensive quantities in the Terminal 2 Building and on an ongoing basis as development and upgrading continues at Terminal 1 and other buildings in the Airport Campus.

Dublin AirportOther projects completed to date and some which are ongoing all specify FP Performance cable. These include: Capitol Dock, Google Headquarters, City Quay Residential, Facebook Headquarters, Central Bank, BMS, Apple Computers, Eli Lilly and many more.

So why is the FP range in so much demand?
According to Sean Cox, Director of Sales at Precision Cables, “safety is the number one reason I hear from contractors. There is a big emphasis on using good quality cables so when specifying cables for life safety, most try to specify Prysmian as the quality is second to none. Our customers need to ensure they have 100% faith in the quality of the cable and confidence in the manufacturer. Our cables have been analysed in real construction projects. The findings revealed a superior level of safety, increased energy efficiency and savings on installation time of up to 32%, meaning a considerable saving on total project cost. This more than recoups any costs saved by purchasing low-quality cables.”

FP200 Gold is the first choice for ‘standard’ fire resistant cable because of its Insudite insulation. Insudite is Prysmian’s specialist tough composite insulation, resistant to impact, nicking and abrasion; common events that can readily result in failure of silicone only insulation. FP200 Gold is BASEC and LCPB approved, and has excellent data and signal transmission characteristics, which make it ideal for addressable systems.

Equally FP Plus is the first choice for “Enhanced” fire resistant cable. FP Plus is also manufactured with Insudite insulation thus giving it a quality lead over all other competitors using the old silicone based construction.

Prysmian’s FP range is the original, easy to install and fully compliant fire-resistant cable range, approved by engineers, installers and regulators. In the unfortunate event of fire, Prysmian’s ‘standard’ fire resistant cable FP200 retains vital circuit integrity which reduces the risks involved in evacuation.